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The name of the game pokemon go is self-explanatory. This game is actually a virtual adventure to capture Pokémon’s. The power of the Pokémon’s actually determines your rank and number. It is a free to play, location based augmented reality game. The game gets operated by the GPS location. You will play the game while moving through streets. It is a general complain made by the health conscious people that video games are ill for the health as it insists no physical movement. The players become inactive, lazy. But you can play this game only when you are moving through.

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• On the GPS you would get landmarks that would determine the type of pokeons. If you are on the way towards gym, you would get active fighting Pokémon’s, water pokeons nearby a water source etc.
• While finding out the pokemon, you need to set your poke ball at it. Then only it would get captured. You would get power and points. But these Pokémon’s may sometimes get disappeared then you should use pokemon go hack. The vanished pokemon would return back. Isn’t it cool?

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If you want to play this game, you must have to sign in Google play store. You would have an account there. It is a free to play game. Initially you would get some currency in your account. If you are out of stock with these pokecoins, you can use our bank account. But you may not allow yourself to do that. So, what you should do? Should you stop enjoying the game? You should not. You can easily get free pokecoins by visiting some few particular sites. You would have to pass some very easy and simple steps and pokecoins would be transferred to your account. Imagine if it could be happened in our real life bank account too! click here to get more information buy pokemon go account.