How to download whatsapp on my phone

Whatsapp is a social media app which is being used by the people all over world. To download and use the whatsapp, you need to access the internet connection. In every phone, there is different process to download and install the whatsapp app like iPhone, windows phone and android.

Download the whatsapp on my windows –

• Go to the windows phone store.

• Click on the feature free apps.

• Search the whatsapp and it shows up.

• Click on the whatsapp free app download and it will open in other tab

• Ask to install, so click on the install option.

• Then ask to allow your location. click on allow and it will start downloading.

• After download, it will install automatically.

• After download and install, it will ask to register with your number.

• After entering the register mobile number in phone, code will come as a message.

• Now enter that code to verify your account

• Now it’s ready to use the whatsapp on your phone.

• You also download whatsapp plus , through this link

Download the whatsapp on my iPhone-

• Go to the app store.

• Click on the search and type whatsapp.

• Click on the icon of whatsapp.

• Click on get option and install whatsapp.

• Next it may ask to enter the phone id and password.

• After entering it, you can start using whatsapp on iPhone.

Download the whatsapp on my android phone-

• First go to the google play store.

• Type and search for whatsapp.

• When you get whatsapp option, click on the whatsapp messenger.

• Now option will come to install. click on the install option.

• Next click on the option, to accept that.

• After downloading whatsapp you can use with all whatsapp contacts.

• You can also use this link to download the app [ ]