Natural Testosterone Boosters: About Testosterone and Ways to Increase It

Before knowing about natural testosterone boosters we need to first understand what testosterone is. Testosterone is the primary male hormone. It plays the most important role in the development of male sex organs as well as in the development of the masculine features of men. The muscles mass of men as well as the growth of facial hair and body hair completely depends on the testosterone levels.

However, it is not true that this hormone is present only in males. It is also present in females but the level is not as high as it is in the case of men. If the testosterone levels in men are not sufficient it might lead to several problems such as small body size, bone loss, and frailty.
Testosterone is used as a medication in several cases. Testosterone levels diminish as the men grow old and to counteract this deficiency synthetic testosterone is given to them. It is also used to treat certain types of breast cancer.

Natural Testosterone Booster
Few of the natural testosterone boosters are as follows: –
• Intermittent Fasting- it is believed to be a very effective way of boosting testosterone levels. It means to eat at very short intervals. You have to eat three only meals which will be at noon, 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. which will give rest to your liver which is the workhouse of testosterone production. This will boost your testosterone by 200%-400%.
• High intensity training – working out and training your body is one of the most accepted ways of elevating your testosterone. With you train very hard your body will naturally release testosterone in your bloodstream for muscle recovery thereby increasing the testosterone levels. Weight lifting is also highly recommended for increasing testosterone.
These are the few natural testosterones. Testosterone is highly essential for proper functioning of human body, especially for men. Therefore, you should definitely see to it that its level does not drop.