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Domestic helper and the process of availing the services of one

Do you need a domestic helper and you are looking for the ways to get one? The need for these helpers is rising these days owing to many reasons. The first being: most people in the first world are working outside of the home. While the middle class takes care of their houses, somehow the upper class likes to employ workers as they can afford this luxury. Secondly, It is hard to find local workers in the West and in the Arab states and this is why a foreign worker is sought for domestic help all the time there.

The industry of training and employing domestic helpers is developing very fast. In Hong Kong, some 2-3 % of the total population is employed in this business. This is the case with the Philippines as well. If you are looking for domestic help, then you can contact a propermaid employment agency and then you will proceed further. The procedure of hiring a worker from a foreign country is not all that simple. There are International labor laws that you have to follow. You have to proceed through proper employing channels. This is not going to work haphazardly or randomly at all!

Even when your worker is with you, you are required to take care of many laws regarding them. You cannot use your domestic worker for anything other than what is stipulated in the work permit. You cannot send him or her for any other work to other employers. You can also not leave them alone while you are away from the country. You need special permission to leave them at your relatives’ or friends’ if you are going abroad. There are many things that you have to take care of while you are employing a foreign worker. If you need a proper company then visit HL&C (HL&C Employment Agency Ltd.)