Understanding the basics of erotic massage strokes

The beauty of adult massage london is that there are no rules involved in the whole process. It is possible to customize a sensual massage session just to ensure the recipient’s pleasure. Customizing also ensures that the whole sensual experience is different every time you have it with your partner. There are many different types of strokes that can be used for sensual massage. You can choose all or a few of them on different parts of the body to make the whole experience enjoyable. If you have been massaging your partner before, then you already know different massage strokes that are ideal for your partner.

But the difference with tantric massage london is that every stroke must be used for the sole purpose of intensifying sensation instead of soothing pains and aches or easing muscle tension (although this happens in erotic massage). Therefore, regardless of the touch you make on your partner or the pressure you apply on his/her body, understand that with erotic massage, you will always be stimulating and arousing your partner’s mind and body. In fact, people enjoy different types of touches when getting an erotic massage. There are those who enjoy a combination of firm and strong touches, and those who enjoy tender and light touches.

For tougher parts of the body like the back of the buttocks and legs, these usually respond best when firm strokes are used. When firm strokes during a sensual massage at the winks london massage parlor are followed by gentle caresses, these ensure more erotic contrasts. For sensitive areas of the body such as the breasts, these require gentle touches at first, but as the recipient relaxes, firmer massages may be the best. In an erotic massage, the recipient may also crave for different touches at different arousal stages. Therefore, experiment with them to determine what touches feel right for the recipient. click here to get more information nuru massage new york.