Whipsports.com has an Amazing Payment and Social Media Presence

Whipsports.com is an e-commerce site that offers women’s hockey equipments and merchandising products. The collection of products and service standard levels of the site is phenomenal due to which a large number of people, players, clubs and leagues have steadily accepted its offerings that has helped it to reach the pinnacle in the business. The payment methods offered by it are amazing as also its social media footprint. In addition to its products, these two factors have further helped its cause so that customers are very satisfied after a purchase and repeat business is always affected by the site.

• Many payment gateways offered – The site offers many payment types to the customers. This helps the customers who prefer different payment modes and mostly all types of prevalent payment are accommodated on the site. American Express, Discover, JCB, MasterCard and Visa are all accepted as legit payment modes by the site which contribute towards its growth in a tremendous way. This can immensely help a person, for instance, looking to buy a woman’s hockey gloves, located at a very remote place. A customer looking for a purchase from the site can easily buy a product from anywhere and feel satisfied.
• Strong social media presence – It helps a site to be in touch with its customers through the social media platform so that any new product or offering can be easily brought forth to them. For example, any new womens hockey sticks that is launched by the site can be easily advertised by it through its social media platforms. It has a strong and responsive footprint in the social media space with active participation on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Google Plus and Pinterest that helps to further its cause.
Due to all these factors, the site has done very well and is projected to perform even better with all the range of products it has on display. In fact, many products exhibited by the site are exclusive to it and at a price that offers exceptional value for money.