Why you sell your Facebook page instead of selling followers?

Why will you sell the Facebook page instead of follower’s page?
There is an inherent economy that works for selling a facebook page. From the verybeginning, there was a trend of selling and buying followers as well as likes. But selling a Facebook page is one step in advance. By buying a Facebook page one can buy the total page along with followers and thus it is more profitable to the buyers.

Why people sale a Facebook Fan page?
There are some reasons that are why people like to sell their Facebook page. If a facebook owner feels that it does not make agood return on their investment on Facebook and want to get back some of their losses and switch on to another style of marketing then that Facebook owner sale the Facebook page. Secondly when a Facebook owner’s business distorted or went bankrupt then the needs of their Facebook will be valueless.
Then they will surely try to liquidate all the assets including the Facebook page. It may happen that some of your followers or fans or some other enterprising entrepreneurs feel interested to buy the Facebook page of you. You should also rapidly sell your Facebook page to one of those interesting buyers for liquid cash and fulfill your requirement of money.If you can succeed to do this, it must be a neat profit.
How much amount can you expect selling your fan page?
Basically, most of the fan pages are selling at a low-cost price because most of the buyers like to buy the Facebook page instead of the only fan page. Thus they are interested to offer more prices for buying Facebook page rather buying fan page at a low price.

How your Facebook page will be valuable?
Typically a Facebook page contains few hundred or a few thousand followers though most of them are inactive. The selling price of such type of Facebook is around 50 dollar to 500 dollars. In accordance with the quality and acceptability of your Facebook, you cansell Facebook page a bit more. However, the more active followers on your Facebook page, the higher the price will be.